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Monday, January 08, 2007


Welcome to Andy's bit!
Happy New Year to all of Nicola's readers. It's January 2007 and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to 2006. I don't know if it was the same for you but for me, last year simply flew by at an alarming rate. This year, I would like to try and achieve something. So often you seem to work so hard and yet, nothing changes. Anyway, I'm not talking New Year resolutions here, I'm talking wish-list! I wish...
Back to the business of Raw Meat, as you know by now, we published the final paper version of Nicola's Newsletter in December and this issue RM#76 IS THE VERY FIRST Online only Raw Meat. So, if (and you are) you're reading these words please can you do one little thing for me? SUBSCRIBE to the mailing list! Please! Why? I hear you scream! Because, if you join our mailing list we can inform you when Raw Meat comes Online! Thank you.
Some people have told me that they tried to sign up for the Online Raw Meat but failed. If you're one of these people, please try again. You simply have to insert your name and your e-mail address then press GO! A computer generated e-mail will be sent to you from Properjoes@aol.com and you then need to click the confirmation button and BINGO! You're subscribed for FREE. To avoid the newsletter being interrpreted by your server as junk mail I advise you to add the properjoes address to your contact list.
You can read my blog Proper Joes (AT) properjoes.blogspot.com
Although, I must admit that I haven't really written as much as I would have liked to. I also have a really bad poetry blog that you can clink the link to from Proper Joes. Happy reading folks!
More Kindergarten stuff in RM#77


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