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Monday, December 04, 2006

Jack's Page RM#75

(we are now at Jamall’s brother’s house)

enter- Jamall and Jamall’s brother.

Jamall- I found this recording. Its really weird. You see this guy we know to be dead on it.
You see the same guy in this picture as well.

(he holds out the picture and the video camera.)

Jamall’s brother- well I can take a look at it and tell you if its fake or not.

Jamall- how.

Jamall’s bro- I can check the frequency of the sound.

Jamall- OK.

(we go back to Lunchbox and Rachel. They continue searching for a while and then stumble across the piece of paper.)

Rachel- shit. Its not Tony. we need to tell Jamall.

Lunchbox- why?

Rachel- because whatever it really is could be after Jamall next.

Lunchbox- alright.

(we go back to Jamall and his bro. They hear a noise in the corridor.)

Jamall’s bro- what was that?

Jamall- don’t know. You got a base-ball bat or somthin’?

Jamall’s bro- nah. But I got a hockey stick.

Jamall- that’ll do.

(he picks it up and walks out into the dark corridor with it. He looks around and sees something in the darkness. It looks at him with its bloody face. He can’t see it properly but works it out. it is a ski mask.)

Revenge- Growl!

(It runs at him. He swings at it with the hockey stick but it ducks and throws him into the room.)

Jamall’s bro- f***! Are you alright?

Jamall- look out.

Jamall’s bro- what?

(he looks behind him and gets smashed in the face with the hockey stick. He raises the hockey stick as if to kill Jamall too, but we hear the front door open downstairs and he flees. We see lunchbox and Rachel run up the stairs. Rachel screams when she sees Jamall’s brother. Lunchbox runs up to them.)

lunchbox- shit, he’s dead. Jamall, Jamall. Are you alright man?

Jamall- where’s my brother? Where is he?

Lunchbox- erm. Jamall. He’s, well.

(Jamall turns and sees his dead brother.)

Jamall- no! no!

Lunchbox- I’m sorry man.

Jamall- you don’t have to be sorry man. but I’ll tell you who is gonna be sorry. That mother f***** who killed my bro.

Lunchbox- don’t do anything rash man.

Jamall- I’m not I’m just gonna kill that sick f*** Tony.

Rachel- yeah, about that. We found out it’s not Tony.

(she hands him the piece of paper)

Ends in RM#76


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