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Monday, January 08, 2007

Jack's Page RM#76

BY Jack Sewina
Scene 9
(everyone is back at home.)
lunchbox- I told you Steven wasn’t coming back.
Rachel- shut up. What do we do know?
Jamall- we’ve got to come up with a plan.
Lunchbox- what like offer someone up as bait?
Rachel- yeah!
Jamall- nice one lunchbox.
Lunchbox- what me? Oh, right yeah, yeah it was nothing.
Jamall- so what do we do lunchbox?
Lunchbox- well we offer the strongest person up for bait.
Rachel- why?
Lunchbox- well, so if they get in a bit of a tangle or takes is a kick or a blow.
Jamall- yeah!
Rachel- well who’s the strongest?
Lunchbox- erm. You?
Rachel- me?
Jamall- I agree.
Lunchbox- okay then. When the thing comes up the stairs you run into your room. Then we jump out. give it a blow in the face and then take off his mask.
Rachel- you made that up all by yourself?
Lunchbox- nah, I got it off Scooby-Doo.
Lunchbox- okay. Lets go.
(they walk up the stairs and get into their positions. None of them are talking. Jamall and Lunchbox are hiding behind the door. Rachel is standing outside weapon less. They WAIT for a few moments and nothing happens. Then they hear something downstairs. Then they hear it walking up the stairs and Rachel sees the ski mask. It looks at her for a few moments and then runs at her. She turns around to run into her room but revenge pulls her down. She kicks it in the face and it falls down too. she attempts to get up, Revenge sticks his axe into her leg. She crawls into the room and Jamall bends down to get the axe out of Rachel’s leg. He does it but then gets kicked in the face by Revenge, he is knocked out on the floor.)
Rachel- lunchbox.
(she nods to the axe on the floor as to say he understands. Rachel kicks revenge in his leg and he falls to the floor. Jack picks up his axe and raises it above his head.)
lunchbox- this is for Tony, Michael and Jamall’s brother!
Revenge- growl
Lunchbox- time to die bitch. (he brings the axe down on revenge’s face and the screen goes black, credits come up and some rock music starts playing.)
The end.


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