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Monday, November 06, 2006

Jack's Page RM#74

Scene 8 (rewrite)

(Steven storms out of the front door)

lunchbox- Steven come back. Steven!

Jamall- Let him go man.

Rachel- He’ll come back.

Lunchbox- How do you know that?

Rachel- Apart from the fact that all his stuff is here, his clothes his money?

Lunchbox- Yeah I suppose so. What do we do till then?

Jamall- Why don’t we search Michaels room.

Lunchbox- For what?

Jamall- What he wanted to show us. He called us up saying he wanted to show us something. Why don’t we go look for it?

Lunchbox- Come on then.

(they all walk up the stairs and into Michaels old room.)

lunchbox- What are we looking for exactly?

Jamall- Anything weird. You know? Like something out of place.

(they search for about 30 seconds until Rachel finds the picture.)

Rachel- shit. Look at this.

(they all gather round the picture)

lunchbox- What the hell?

Jamall- Do you think this is what he wanted to show us?

Lunchbox- I don’t get it.

Rachel- Maybe Steven was right. Maybe it’s the ouigi board.

Lunchbox- What do mean by that?

Rachel- What I mean is. Nothing happened when we touched that ougi board, the glass shook a bit, so what? that could mean anything right?

Lunchbox- Right.

Rachel- So maybe. When Tony died, because we left the ouigi board out with the glass on top. He was in the presence of it. So maybe he came out of the ouigi board and is haunting us. Because he thinks its our fault he died.

Lunchbox- I told you man. This kind of stuff really shits me up.

Jamall- Okay the picture is weird. And everything Rachel just said seems to fit yeah? But didn’t Michael shout something about his camera?

Lunchbox- Well lets find his camera then.

(they search around for a bit and again, it is Rachel who finds the camera.)

lunchbox- Why are women so good at everything?

Rachel- How do you turn it on?

Lunchbox- (takes the camera off her.) Well, not everything!

(he opens the camera and turns it on. They see Tony’s foot again.)

Jamall- I know someone who can help us with this. My brother. He knows all about this sort of phenomenal stuff.

Rachel- You take this to your brother. We’ll finish searching the room for anything weird.

Jamall- Alright.

(he runs down stairs, gets his coat on and runs out of the front door.)


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